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Brute Ropes

The best lead you'll ever need!

To place an order click HERE or call 605-212-8916.  If you have any difficulty placing an online order,  please call Paul, at 605-212-8916.

Who would know a quality rope better than a horse transporter?

I have been transporting horses for the last 9 years.

I've hauled thousands of horses, and my main tool is the leadropes I use to tie horses during transport.  I need a rope that is soft and flexible, in all weather, wet or dry.  It has to be strong, but release easily if a horse pulls against it.  It has to have extreme durability.  It has to be easy on my hands, not causing rope burns if a horse pulls the rope through my hands.  The snaps have to be high quality and heavy duty.

A friend supplied me with the perfect rope.  It was made of high quality, soft, flexible US made nautical rope.  This rope is the best nautical rope made, manufactured by Yale Cordage in Maine (suppliers of nautical rope for the Americas Cup race).  The rope was exactly what I needed - nothing at the tack stores came close.  After years of working with these ropes, I decided to manufacture and sell them, hoping that others would like them as much as I do. The gentleman I got them from didn't want to go into business with me, but he helped me get started manufacturing them.  In the spring of 2010, I began manufacturing ropes and went to my first horse fair - where the ropes proved to be so popular that we didn't even have time to eat lunch!  After that, I went to more shows - and every show resulted in a request for new product types.


Standard Products

Custom Ropes

I produce 2 sizes of leads, the original Big Brute rope and the smaller version, the Brute rope with thumb trigger snap, which is my best seller.  At the AQHA Youth World show, trailer ties became my second best seller.  At the AQHA Snaffle Bit Futurity in Tulsa, 15 and 20 foot lungelines were a big success, and at the Minnesota Equine Expo, training reins were in demand. A popular service I have to offer is that I can custom make any ropes to order (various lengths, thickness, with/without chains, various snap sizes, etc.)  I also have made cross ties, bull rider flank straps, dog leashes, natural horsemanship training ropes, and other specialty ropes.  If you see me at a show, I'll be making special order ropes all day long - if you can describe what you want, I can make the rope you need.